The Shocking Truth About Cables

Make sure your cables are designed to accommodate the right voltage 

Did you know that when you use a cable that is not designed to handle the required voltage, it can be very costly and potentially hazardous?  There are many inferior cables on the market today that cannot accommodate the voltage of the systems in which they are applied. This can lead to a breakdown of the cable insulation, system failure and even fire ignition.

On Cable Facts we discuss how the voltage capacity of a cable depends on a number of factors including the dielectric properties and wall thickness of the insulation. And we show how degradation of insulation due to voltage stress is a common cause of cable failure.


We will show you which cable components are critical and how the quality and capability of the cable insulation provides safety for the lifetime of the cable. And we will show you how sub-standard cables are simply not up to the job.

If you want to make an informed choice and find out why we say that Belden offers its customers quality, compliance and the absolute peace of mind:

Because distributors, installers and specifiers are legally responsible for performance and safety, it is important that they make informed cabling choices. This is why we launched Cable Facts, a website that highlights the various aspects of choosing a safe and reliable cable system.


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