Think Fibre Can’t Handle Extreme Temperatures? Think Again.

Fiber InstallationIn the world of broadcasting, we generally think of two different environments:

The indoor studio with sets and control rooms and the outside location where actual sporting and other events take place.

Inside the broadcasting studio, fibre is used to connect broadcasting equipment such as cameras, storage equipment, editing appliances and playout devices.

While there are always concerns in the studio about fibre being subjected to flexing, twisting and abrasion as it is coiled up on the floor, handled by multiple users or dragged across the studio from one filming area to the next, today’s heavy-duty rugged fibre optic cable is specifically designed to withstand these environments. And when it comes to temperature, the studio is considered a controlled environment that normally stays in the 20˚C to 26 ˚C room temperature range. But happens when we move outside? Read more »

Compact Cabling Helps OB Truck Operators Run Their Business

Last month I visited a leading system integrator for TV studios and outside broadcast (OB) trucks. It is always impressive to see how full these trucks are packed with equipment for audio, video, intercoms, air conditioning and satellite dishes – and don’t forget the workspace for a crew of up to 25 people! Everything needs to be well thought-out to be clean, compact and super-efficient. In the end, this is a fully functioning professional TV studio on wheels… with two limitations: one, there’s much less space than in a permanent creation, production and delivery area; and two, there are the over-the-road axle weight requirements. Read more »

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