Blog # 4: Construction Products Regulation: What Does it Mean for You? – Part I

KV_Logo European CommWith new rules being implemented by the European Commission (EC), construction products – including cabling for fixed installations – can no longer be used in European buildings or civil engineering works if they are not tested and certified according to the new Construction Products Regulation (CPR) rules.

Although this may seem like something that mainly affects cable manufacturers, it’s equally as important for specifiers, designers, builders and building owners, distributors and importers, as they all have new responsibilities once CPR becomes effective.

Blog #4 in our CPR blog series focuses on the CPR obligations of specifiers, designers, builders and building owners.

Since CPR does not only apply to cable manufacturers, it is important that the parties at the receiving end of the supply chain (end-users) also fully understand their roles in ensuring CPR compliance.

According to the new CPR rules, specifiers, designers, builders and building owners should refer to the harmonized technical specifications (specifically to the requirements of individual characteristics) when working with the project team to draw up specifications.

When choosing products for construction projects, end-users should review the Declaration of Conformity/Performance (DoP) from the manufacturer. They must also check national annexes or standard recommendations, which offer guidance about appropriate minimum product performance levels. Furthermore, compliance with any additional local building regulations should also be followed by end-users.

As an industry-leading cable manufacturer, Belden sees it as our responsibility to educate and support the complete value chain on specific CPR tasks. As CPR awareness increases in the European market, and understanding of the additional responsibilities that come with CPR are still limited, we are committed to working with everyone in the value chain, from end-users and consultants to systems integrators and distributors, to provide education and information about CPR requirements.

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