Understanding Moisture Damage

Moisture-DamageWe all know that water in an electrical system is bad news. And we do our best to keep it out by specifying waterproof cable and connectors, and following industry best practices for installation and maintenance.

So, what if water does get into a coaxial radio frequency (RF) network? Unfortunately, its presence is not always obvious and its impact can be elusive and difficult to manage. Here are some tips to help you trouble-shoot a persistent moisture problem:

Know your risks

Water doesn’t often enter your cable or connector in the ways you may expect. Read more »

Talking about cable technologies

In June, my colleague Steve Lampen gave a number
of successful presentations in Scandinavia and the Middle East. As he explains
to Broadcast Pro Middle East, he concentrates on cable technologies for 4K, 3G
video and Ethernet AVB in his talks

The various audiences were very impressed and I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some of the latest trends in the broadcast market.  Read more »

How Much Will We Sell

I’m sure at some point you have thought, “Boy, if I only had a few feet of cable like this….” So how do you get it? Or, more precisely, how do you get Belden to make it for you?

I remember talking to a broadcaster about 20 years ago. He was trying to repair a nice Japanese camera and the one thing he needed was some teeny tiny triax cable. Our regular stuff was way too big. I convinced my team at Belden that this was a huge opportunity and would lead to great things, so we made up a thousand feet of the stuff, called a “first article”, and sold it to him. He probably used five feet of it, repaired his camera, and I looked like the Hero of the Hour. But I didn’t do Belden any favors! We probably lost money on the deal and I learned a serious lesson: we can’t make a profit if we only ever sell 1,000 feet of a custom cable. So these days I would tell the customer, “We make 6,000 kinds of wire and cable. If one of those won’t fit your requirements, we’ll make you a ‘special’.” Read more »

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