Cable Substitution

One of my favorite jokes is about Belden 1800F. This cable is our top-of-the-line for microphone cable. The reason is simple. With analog cable, the key parameter is capacitance. The lower, the better. And Belden 1800F is 13 picofarads per foot (pF/ft.). That’s even lower than Category 5e or 6 or 6a (15 pF/ft.).

However, Belden 1800F is also 110 ohms impedance for use with digital audio. In fact, this cable started life as digital audio patch cable. It was a high quality cable that is very flexible, and came in many pretty colors.  It says right on the cable, “digital audio”. If your customer says, “I can’t use this on my analog mics because it says ‘digital audio’,” there’s no problem. I will personally send you a bottle of rubbing alcohol. With that you can rub off the word “digital” and the cable works PERFECTLY after that.

It’s not what it says on the cable, it’s what is required to run that signal. The table below shows various parameters for different kinds of signals.


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