July 1 is Getting Closer – Are You Getting Ready for CPR Rules?


Are you ready? There are less than three months left before European buildings and civil engineering works must follow the newly implemented CPR rules. Created by the European Commission, these rules call for construction products – including cabling for fixed installations – to be tested and certified.

Although the rules took effect for cables nearly a year ago (on June 10, 2016), there has been a grace period for compliance. Consultants, integrators, end-users, distributors, manufacturers, specifiers, builders, designers and building owners are all getting ready for the end of the grace period on July 1, 2017.

Adoption by Each Member State

Even though the new CPR rules will have to be applied without differences of interpretation by each member state, any decision on which Euroclass to adopt for a particular application is a National matter and could vary between different Member States. As a result of this, CPR will be implemented differently in terms of Euroclass expectations from member state to member state. To allow everyone to obtain specific country level information, in each member state, a CPR contact point was established to track and provide this information.

To understand how each member state plans to handle these new guidelines, Belden reached out to each contact point and asked for a response. Although each of the member states follows current IEC regulations, similar patterns may not be seen with the implementation of CPR rules across member states. Sweden, for instance, currently adheres to very high IEC fire standard requirements. When it comes to CPR rules, however, Sweden is less stringent in its implementation of Euroclass standards that are part of the CPR rules.

Differences in CPR Implementation

As country feedback continues to be reported, we are noticing many differences across member states. For example, Belgium began work on the standard well before many other countries and is expected to be able to transition smoothly. Germany is another member state that has worked hard to apply stringent CPR rules. However, some other countries still need to provide feedback on how they plan to implement the CPR guidelines.

If you’re interested in learning more about CPR implementation for each member state, the plans can be requested by contacting the relevant National Country Body responsible for the implementation here.

How Belden is Preparing

Beyond building test apparatus and testing our cable, Belden has spent months investing in and preparing for the CPR rules and compliance audits by:

  • Putting measures into place to guarantee product-quality consistency
  • Implementing traceability to pinpoint where a product comes from and who produced it
  • Training staff members to execute product tests
  • Ensuring compliance with the appropriate standard

No matter what your role in construction products, Belden has put together resources and information to help you successfully comply with the new CPR requirements on July 1.

To learn more about the upcoming CPR rules, the quickly approaching end of the grace period or Belden’s preparations for CPR, visit http://info.belden.com/cpr.


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