It’s Official: CPR Rules are Now in Effect!

It’s July 1 – do you know what that means? (Other than the fact that we’re officially halfway through 2017?!) All aspects of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) are now in full effect – the grace period is over! Beginning today, all construction products used in European buildings or civil engineering works must comply with these rules.

Implemented by the European Commission (EC), CPR defines rules that all parties in the construction industry must follow when it comes to describing products, in order that there is a common understanding across the EU. If construction products (including cabling for fixed installations) are not tested and certified following the CPR rules, they cannot be installed in European buildings or civil engineering works.

CPR rules were implemented to help:

  • Eliminate technical barriers among European Union member states when referencing products in buildings and civil works
  • Standardize test methods being used within individual European countries
  • Provide a classification system to reflect product performance in real-life environments
  • Ensure the use of similar language when describing product performance, specifying product requirements or selecting a product
  • Improve safety by understanding how the cable product you select will react in a fire

All products regulated by the CPR rules require three things:

  • Euroclass rating, which indicates a cable’s performance during a fire
  • CE marking to indicate legitimacy
  • Declaration of Performance, which provides detailed information about product performance

To prepare for this major change, Belden has been working behind the scenes for years to make sure its cabling products are ready for use. Belden has an extensive range of cables that have been tested and then certified by a third-party notified body in order to comply with the new CPR standards.

To review CPR status for the Belden products you need, or to generate your Declaration of Performance certificate, visit our online generator.

Remember, if cabling will be installed into a European fixed installation or building, it now needs to be CPR rated. If you have any questions about the CPR requirements, or want to know how to find CPR-rated cabling products, contact Belden at or visit


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