Data Centre World: Learn About Open Bridge Racks and Open Compute


There’s just one week left until thousands of data centre professionals meet at ExCeL London for Data Centre World. Belden is excited to be a Gold sponsor at this event, exhibiting at Stand H42 to show you how to make your data centre more flexible, agile, cost efficient and intelligent.

This event is known as the world’s largest, most influential gathering of data centre experts. If you have questions about data centre design and buildout, power and energy efficiency, physical security, automation, fire and security, or routing and switching, you’ll find the answers you need at Data Centre World (free tickets available here).

In addition to sponsoring, Belden will also lead two Data Centre World seminars: one focused on DCIM/AIM intelligent physical layer management (March 15) and one focused on the Open Compute Project and Belden’s Open Bridge Rack (March 16).

Because Open Compute is such a hot data centre topic, we wanted to provide some background information on the subject, and give you a sneak peek into the much-anticipated seminar.

OCP-community-logoWhat is the Open Compute Project?

The Open Compute Project (OCP) is an organization that facilitates the sharing of data centre product designs among different companies. It is made up of several working groups that focus on different areas: data centres, storage, hardware management, servers, etc.

Through information sharing, the hope is to give data centre professionals more choices, more customization options and significant cost savings through better efficiency, flexibility and scalability. It started with Facebook sharing its data centre designs with the public in 2011; now the OCP community is rapidly growing and continuing to share more ideas and specifications.

Some of the OCP design principles include:

  • Locating installation and service operations in the cold aisle for better technician comfort
  • Locating data cables on the front of the rack for easier maintenance
  • Identifiable component faults from the front of the rack for faster troubleshooting
  • Routine service procedures that don’t require tools to save time
  • Non-recyclable components when possible to protect the environment
  • Vanity-free designs to emphasize function instead of aesthetics
  • Integrating racks directly into air-containment solutions for improved space efficiency

During our Data Centre World presentation on March 16, Belden Product Marketing Manager Christos Birbilis will provide real-world examples of OCP benefits as compared to more traditional methods:

  • Improved power solutions that simplify maintenance and management, and reduce total loss through different electrical schemes
  • Improved thermal designs that use server waste heat for office space heating and eliminate the need for HVAC ductwork and centralized chiller plants

What is the Open Bridge Rack?

Although it’s just one data centre component, OCP hardware adoption starts with the rack. Open Racks are available, but they can pose challenges to data centres that want to slowly phase into OCP. With Open Racks, it’s all or nothing – they fit OCP equipment only.

Belden’s Open Bridge Rack, however, accommodates two standards: EIA and OCP. It looks like a standard rack from the outside, but is designed on the inside to switch back and forth between these two configurations while on the data centre floor – even if racks are ganged together. It also complies with security regulations through cabinet-level access control and locking doors/side panels.

During Belden’s OCP session, we’ll explain how you can convert a 19” Open Bridge Rack from an EIA configuration to OCP so you can understand how it works and how easy it is to make the conversion.

The session will also cover:

  • The impact of OCP on IT gear and mounting racks
  • How the Open Bridge Rack allows transition from EIA to OCP rails
  • OCP vs. EIA equipment-mounting standards
  • Migration paths from EIA to OCP
  • Containment options for high-density computing, cold- vs. hot-aisle containment and chimney containment

Visit Belden at Data Centre World, Stand H42, to learn how to make your data centre more flexible, agile, cost efficient and intelligent. Sign up to receive a complimentary Data Centre World ticket here.

For more information about Belden’s extensive product portfolio, OCP or the solutions we’ll discuss at Data Centre World, visit or email



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