Cabling Systems Get Ready for New CPR Rules

The EC’s Construction Products Regulation (CPR) rules apply to many construction products, including wire and cabling.

With these new rules from the European Commission (EC), construction products – including cabling – can no longer be used in European buildings if they are not tested and certified based on specific criteria.

Cables will be assessed based on their performance and safety during fire situations. Analyzed in a simulated installation, measurements of flame spread, heat release, flaming droplets, smoke emission and corrosivity of gases are taken. Based on the cable’s performance, it is placed into the Euroclass system that indicates its behavior during a fire, as well as its ability to operate despite a fire. The Euroclass program provides rankings based on the following criteria:

  • Contribution to expanding a fire (rating from “no contribution” to “high contribution,” with several levels in between)
  • Smoke production development (rating from “limited production” to “strong production”)
  • Burning falling particles/droplets (rating from “no droplets” to “high droplets”)
  • Class corrosiveness/acidity of combustion gases (ranging from “low corrosiveness” to “high corrosiveness”)


These characteristics can be harmful to people and the environment, so it’s important to know how your cables behave in a fire. Once CPR assessments are completed, the information can be compared between manufacturers to see which cables offer the performance level that is required for each individual country, building type and application.

At Belden, we are making significant investments to make sure our cable products and company processes comply with CPR which has come into force on June 10, 2016.  A team comprised of research and development, product management, production, quality and purchasing experts are working together to make sure Belden’s cables are tested and certified.

Belden will obtain the necessary third-party approvals, create the appropriate Declaration of Performance (DoP) and affix the CE Marking. We will also work with everyone in the value chain, from end-users and consultants to systems integrators and distributors, to provide education and information about CPR requirements.

In addition, Belden is preparing a CPR “mini guide” to help everyone in the value chain understand CPR’s background, regulation details and its implications for your business.

To learn more about the new CPR rules and how they will impact your business, read more HERE.



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