Belden Gets Ready for Data Centre World


Data Centre World in London is just around the corner, being held March 15-16 at ExCeL London. More than 600 industry professionals will gather with thousands of attendees at this worldwide event to discuss and provide insight on the data centres of tomorrow.

Organizations like GE Critical Power, Groupon, Institute of Thermofluids, Intel, Spotify, Symphony and Wisetek will share their insights and data centre success stories, explaining how they solved tough challenges and positioned themselves for continued growth.

The Live Green Data Centre is also returning this year, bringing a fully functioning, interactive data centre to the heart of Data Centre World. You can walk through the data centre and learn about the systems in place – from flooring and generators to racks and perimeter fencing – that make it truly sustainable and successful.

Belden is a Gold sponsor at this free event, showcasing ways we help enterprise data centres transition to hyperscale data centres that offer flexibility, agility, cost efficiency and intelligence. Get an up-close look at our extensive product portfolio, which provides energy efficiency, security, uninterrupted availability and high-quality performance. We’ll be highlighting our:

  • PatchPro® Intelligent Layer Management AIM Solution, a pre-terminated fiber MPO and 10GX intelligence-ready connectivity solution
  • Pre-terminated fiber and copper cabling solutions, such as FiberExpress MPO and 10GX systems, and the new REVConnect connectivity solution that lets you switch between jacks and plugs without re-terminating cable
  • Open Bridge Rack, a futureproof data center rack solution that can be converted in a flash to meet Open Compute requirements


Belden will also host two free seminar sessions at Data Centre World:

Wednesday, March 15

DCIM/AIM Intelligent Physical Layer Management

Presented by: Christos Birbilis, Belden Product Marketing Manager

Location: Data Centre Design and Build & Physical Security Theatre

Attendees will learn about:

  • Real-time network security and transparency
  • Benefits of monitoring, reporting and analytics
  • DCIM/AIM physical layer management software that maintains system accuracy and makes deployment easier
  • Ways to facilitate audits, troubleshooting and changes

Thursday, March 16

Open Rack Design for Open Compute (OCP)

Presented by: Christos Birbilis, Belden Product Marketing Manager

Location: Facilities and Critical Equipment Theatre

Attendees will learn about:

  • The impact of OCP on IT gear and mounting racks
  • How the Open Bridge Rack allows transition from TIA/EIA to OCP rails
  • OCP vs. TIA/EIA equipment-mounting standards
  • Migration paths from TIA/EIA to OCP
  • Containment options for high-density computing, cold- vs. hot-aisle containment and chimney containment

Visit Belden at Stand H42 at Data Centre World to learn how to make your data centre more flexible, agile, cost efficient and intelligent. Sign up to receive a complimentary Data Centre World ticket.


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